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The rewards package for our 2015 Indiegogo campaign just got bigger! We’re adding two new e-books to our 2015 list, and if we reach our funding goal, everyone who backed the campaign will get both e-books for free! That means that we’re now offering six e-books for $25 during the campaign.

Letters to My Younger Self: A Companion to The Husband Swap

What if you could go back and tell the younger you what you know now? What if you could save yourself, and those you love, the pain of your mistakes? You can’t, of course… but sometimes you can allow your experience to be a teacher for others, to save them some of the same pain you went through.

This is Louisa Leontiades’ goal in Lessons to my Younger SelfLessons is a handbook to accompany The Husband Swap, encapsulating the many lessons learned through the experiences described in the memoir. Artist Tikva Wolf, creator of the popular Web comic Kimchi Cuddles, will illustrate the book.

For more on Lessons in the creators’ own words, watch our latest campaign update video:

Coming Out Poly: A Handbook for Family and Friends

We’ve been asked if anything exists that polyamorous people can give to family and friends when they’re coming out to help educate their loved ones about polyamory. Resources exist, such as More Than Two and the FAQ on the More Than Two website, but nothing that’s specifically tailored to explaining polyamory to monogamous people.

Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, author of The Polyamorists Next Door and the forthcoming Stories from the Polycule, is both one of the world’s leading experts on polyamory and monogamous herself. This fall, just after the publication of Polycule, Dr. Sheff will be releasing a short, informative e-book explaining polyamory in lay terms from the perspective of someone who is monogamous and completely new to the idea. The book will also be available as a printable PDF pamphlet, perfect for handing out at the end of those emotional conversations.

One week left!

We have just one week left to make it the remaining halfway to our funding goal! If you want to see these two books published, along with the rest of our 2015 book list, please support and share our campaign.