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The Relationship Bill of Rights
Authors: Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux

Publication Date: August 10, 2018
Format: Poster, poster bundled with softcover of More Than Two
ISBN: 978-1-944934-69-9 (poster); 978-1-944934-70-5 (book + poster)

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Forging relationships where we can thrive outside the limitations of restrictive, noxious societal holding patterns – like misogyny, queerphobia, or the stultifying gender roles enabled when we view monogamy as the only legitimate relationship structure – require new foundations on which we can build lives that empower us and each other.

The Relationship Bill of Rights is a blueprint for fostering transformative relationships built not on patriarchal notions of possession, coercion, and tolerance, but on the liberatory premises of consent, agency, and honesty.

Initially published as part of More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory, and drawing upon the relationship successes and heartbreaks of authors Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux, the Relationship Bill of Rights provides a blueprint for setting boundaries for all your relationships.

Every relationship is consensual; you deserve the same freedom from manipulation and lying by your partner that you should expect from a parent or close friend. The Relationship Bill of Rights provides you and yours a clear, concise framework with which to rebuild (or build new) relationships in the image of respect.

Franklin Veaux

FranklinFranklin Veaux has a lot on his mind. With Eve, Franklin is the co-founder of Thorntree Press and Tacit Pleasures, a smart sex toy R&D company. He’s been writing about polyamory since 1996 and has been nonmonogamous his whole life—learning the hard way how not to do things. As a child, he once heard a fairytale about a princess who had to choose between two princes and thought to himself “that castle’s big enough for two princes.” Today he lives in Vancouver, Canada. He shares his life with five partners and writes about everything from relationship ethics to transhumanism to computer security. He’s been a Quora Top Writer every year since 2015.


Eve Rickert

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Eve Rickert is very busy. She owns Talk Science to Me, a science communications firm based in Vancouver, Canada, and she co-founded, with Franklin, Thorntree Press and Tacit Pleasures. She began living polyamorously in 2008; it’s been a long journey from first hearing the word back in 1998. The mistakes and hard lessons she’s learned along the way have informed her writing, with which she hopes to educate others on how to engage in polyamory with integrity, compassion, and courage.