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The Monster Under the Bed is released today!

The Monster Under the Bed: Sex, Depression, and the Conversations We Aren’t Having by JoEllen Notte is out today. This practical exploration of how to navigate sex and relationships while coping with depression is also available as an ebook and audiobook.

The Mother of Beauty by Christopher Hart

We have recently received a number of inquiries about the book The Mother of Beauty (9781953882158) by Christopher Hart. We are not the publisher of this title, and we have no relationship with the author. We are unaware of any other publisher using the name Thorntree...

A Whore’s Manifesto is out now

A Whore’s Manifesto: An Anthology of Writing and Artwork by Sex Workers is released today! This fascinating collection is edited by Kay Kassirer and features a foreword by Clementine Von Radics. Find out more and order your copy here.

Disrupting the Bystander by A.V. Flox is released today!

We were not prepared for #metoo when it blew up Twitter in October 2017. In many ways, we still aren’t. What do we do when we learn a friend has been harmed? And what does it mean to be a good friend when someone we love caused the harm? A.V. Flox has some practical...