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More Than Two, the new book on polyamory, was originally slated for a May 30 release date. It’s generated so much pre-publicity buzz that Thorntree Press has made the difficult decision to delay publication until September 2 to ensure that the book reaches as many bookstores, libraries and other outlets as possible. The way the conventional publication cycle for new books works, most bookstores and libraries won’t carry a book unless they have a chance to review it and order it before it becomes available on Amazon, and we feel there’s a good chance this book can break out of the poly niche and reach a wider mainstream audience. We’re sure fans of the book share our enthusiasm about seeing the book reach as many people as possible.

The book was funded by a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo,and the backers have received their special advance copies (print or e-book) ahead of the late-summer publication date. A limited number of copies were also available at the launch parties. Advance copies are still available from certain indie bookstores, including those that hosted the launch parties.

If you have pre-ordered from Amazon, you won’t be charged until your copy ships – we apologize that it will be later than expected.

Book stores carrying advance copies of More Than Two:

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