Google+ Be a guest on Kimchi Cuddles! | Thorntree Press

We’re excited to announce that Tikva Wolf, the creator of the popular polyamory Web comic Kimchi Cuddles, is partnering with us on our Indiegogo campaign to fund our 2015 lineup. Among the rewards she’s offering is the opportunity to have a guest character in the strip for a week!

There are three ways to become a guest on Kimchi Cuddles:

  • Donate $750 or more to the campaign.
  • Donate any amount to the campaign and be entered into a random draw to win a guest spot!
  • Refer your friends to the campaign and win our referral contest! Instructions below.

Here’s how the referral contest works:

Indiegogo tracks referrals for each user if you use the share tools on the campaign page. So make sure you’re logged in to Indiegogo, then go to our campaign and look for the icons right below the video. There’s a URL there with a number unique to you, and if you use any of the buttons–Facebook, G+, Twitter–related activity will be linked to you, too. We can then access a list of referrals: not who has clicked your links, but how many people have clicked, and how much they’ve contributed. Whoever refers the highest dollar value in contributions will win a Kimchi Cuddles guest spot!