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Buying Our Books

Retail orders

Please see individual book pages for information on where to find our books.

Wholesale orders

Our titles are distributed through IPG. Bookstores, libraries and retailers may purchase the book through the wholesaler of their choice.

Groups, bookstores, university professors and others interested in bulk purchasing can send an email to for information. We will also provide complimentary desk copies to accompany wholesale academic orders.

Review copies

Members of the media, including high-profile bloggers, may write to for review copies.

You can help!

As an independent publisher, we need your help to get our books into bookstores and libraries.


Do you have a local indie bookstore? Then make sure they know about our books! The best strategy is to drop by with your copy in hand and show it to them, so they can see the production quality. If you belong to a local community that would be interested in our books, make sure you mention that to the bookstore, along with some idea of numbers. They’ll be much more likely to want to carry it if they know there’s a market in your town. If you can’t make it in person, a call or email will help, too.

Be sure to mention that the book is distributed through the major wholesalers, Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and they are returnable. Our distributor is IPG Books.

If you need help, you can use the IndieBound store finder to find your local indie bookshop.


Did you know that nearly all libraries allow patrons to suggest a purchase? If you’d like to see our books in your local library, please take a moment to let them know. Here’s how:

–  Google your local library and go to their website.

–  Look for a link that says something like “Suggest a purchase.”

–  Sometimes it’s hard to find. If so, try looking in the contact section of the site, or searching the catalogue for the title of the book—if it doesn’t turn up, you may get the link to a suggestion form. You may also need to just email your library directly.

–  Fill in the data and submit!

–  If you’re a student or professor, don’t forget to put in a request to your university library.