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Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain
Edited by Kate Harrad

Publication Date: September 1, 2016
Formats: Trade paperback, Kindle and ePub
ISBNs:  978-0-9964601-6-3 (paperback); 978-0-9964601-7-0 (ePub)
Price: US$24.95/£15.95 (paperback); US$9.99/£6.99 (e-book)

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Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain is the first of its kind: a book written for and by bisexual people in the UK. This accessible collection of interviews, essays, poems and commentary explores topics such as definitions of bisexuality, intersections of bisexuality with other identities, stereotypes and biphobia, being bisexaul at work, teenage bisexuality and bisexuality through the years, the media’s approach to bisexual celebrities, and fictional bisexual characters.

Filled with raw, honest first-person accounts as well as thoughts from leading bisexual activists in the UK, this is the book you’ll buy for your friend who’s just come out to you as bi-curious, or for your parents who think your bisexuality is weird or a phase, or for yourself, because you know you’re bi but you don’t know where to go or what to do about it.

There are so few books published where the lives of bisexual people are the starting point. But that’s not the only reason Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain is important. It’s an interesting and enjoyable book, featuring contributions from a wide range of people from across the British bi community. Addressing the needs and concerns of bi people, this is a must-read for anyone who is attracted to people of more than one gender, and for those who know and love us.

—Sue George, author, Women and Bisexuality, blogger, Bisexuality and Beyond

At last! British bisexuals come out of the closet with Purple Prose – answering pressing questions about identity, activism, prejudice, relationships and much more. With bisexuality becoming ever more visible in mainstream culture, this book is essential reading for bi people and would-be allies, within the LGBT community and beyond. You need a copy in your life.

Louise Carolin, Deputy editor, DIVA magazine  

Purple Prose is an important book. Its publication may be a watershed moment for the bisexual community in Britain. It is ambitious in its scope, and brave in its approach, but what makes it truly important is that it is a beacon for bisexuals. It reaches out to them and says that you are important, you are an individual and your sexuality is a legitimate reflection of you as a person.

Andy Heath, The Bookbag

Purple Prose is … like a series of documentaries, each chapter introducing topics like dating and fictional bisexuality to bisexual black and minority people and lesser-spotted attractions (a very British pun on ornithology), with interview-style passages from notable blogs and activists in the UK community. You can expect it to sit on your shelf as a reference book, proudly proclaiming your interest in, involvement with, and acceptance of a sexuality which—if probability theory is anything to go by—includes most of us at some point in our lives, however you choose to practice it, or not. Verdict: highly recommended.

Louisa Leontiades, Louisa Leontiades

A timely, long-overdue and thought-provoking insight into bisexuality in Britain today. A must-read for all bisexuals, but for the general reader it highlights the misconceptions and prejudice that bisexuals have to face on a daily basis.

The Bookbag, September 2016 Books of the Month

Kate Harrad

Kate Harrad is  a published fiction and non-fiction writer. She co-edited The Ladies’ Loos: From Plumbing to Plucking, a Practical Guide for Girls (The Friday Project, 2006), and her novel All Lies and Jest was published by Ghostwoods Books in 2011. She has over a decade of experience working in business editorial/writing positions, and has written for the Guardian, the F-Word and the Huffington Post. She has also been a bi activist for several years, and has co-organized numerous UK bi events.