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Founded in 2013, Thorntree Press is an independent publishing company with a focus on books about non-traditional relationship models, sexuality, love and ethics. Our first title, More Than Two, set out to provide a contemporary guide to ethical non-monogamy. To date, it has sold over 80,000 copies and been translated into several other languages.

We aim to continue this success by publishing well-written, fact-based, sex-positive titles, especially from emerging authors, that inform, educate and enrich their readers. We have also published selected works of fiction and memoirs outside of this scope.

We have a business office in Portland, Oregon, editorial headquarters in British Columbia, Canada, and team members across the world.

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What services does Thorntree Press offer authors?

Thorntree Press handles the book publishing process from manuscript to final book, in both print and digital formats. We also produce audiobooks for some titles. Because we use professional editors, designers and distribution services, we offer the same high-quality standards as larger publishing houses. Our distributor, IPG, is a full-service operation with over 35 sales representatives throughout North America and distribution channels around the world.


What makes Thorntree Press different? Why should I submit my proposal to you?

As a small press, we provide our authors with personal attention that they may not find in larger companies. Because we are dedicated to the topics of sexuality, love and relationships, we’re able to offer targeted marketing and promotion to the right audience for your book. Our editorial approach prioritizes the authenticity of the author’s own voice.

Our demonstrated success with More Than Two and other titles means that we’re established as an authority on the topic of consensual non-monogamy, in particular.

In addition to providing traditional publishing services, we can provide expert insight on crowdfunding, publicity and marketing. For the first three years of operations, Thorntree Press was supported by crowdfunding, meaning we are well-equipped to advise you on the process. We are happy to help you to plan, launch and promote campaigns to fund your book tour or associated projects.


What’s the story behind Thorntree Press?

Eve Rickert is a certified professional editor and experienced project manager who also holds a master’s degree in environmental studies. She worked as an editor at D&M Publishers Inc. and directed the exhibit and program development for the opening of Vancouver’s Beaty Biodiversity Museum before creating Talk Science to Me Communications Inc., a full-service science communications company.

Together with her co-author, Eve wrote More Than Two to fill a perceived gap in the body of literature on ethical non-monogamy. Realizing that Eve had more than enough professional experience to bring the book to fruition without an outside publisher, Eve and her co-author created Thorntree Press. Since 2013, the company has grown to become a respected provider of high-quality books on human sexuality and relationships


What subjects is Thorntree Press interested in publishing?

We focus on non-fiction books that discuss relationships, love and sexuality in non-traditional models. This includes books on polyamory, kink, LGBTQ communities and related topics. We are sex positive and recognize that gender and sexuality are non-binary.

We are particularly interested in receiving submissions from authors who can offer new insights on the themes of ethics, safety, community and consent. We welcome proposals from emerging authors and from perspectives that are underrepresented in sexuality literature, such as from BIPOC and disabled individuals. We aim to provide our readers with high-quality and well-researched content that is also accessible and engaging.

We politely decline submissions on New Age spirituality and Tantric sex.


Do you accept submissions from new authors?

We encourage submissions from previously unpublished authors. You should be active within your field of interest with an established public presence (this could be through a blog, website, social media, your speaking history or general professional recognition).

We require this because we seek to create books that offer first-hand, experienced perspective, and because a successful book is supported by a strong public presence.


Are you interested in memoir or fiction submissions?

We have published memoirs but are selective in the ones we accept. Before sending a proposal for a memoir or biography, consider whether it deals with universal themes of relevance to a broad readership. Your memoir should tell an interesting or unique story, or feature a high-profile person with a fascinating life.

We have published fiction but are not currently accepting submissions from new authors in this area.


OK—I’m in. What now?

If you’d like to publish your book with us, send us a proposal. This should include details of who you are, tell us what makes you an informed voice on the topic, and emphasize what makes your book valuable and unique. If we like what we see, we’ll be in touch. Please do not send your entire manuscript in your first contact.